February 14, 2012

How To Draw a Realistic Hair

When I was a kid, i thought drawing the hair was the easiest part because it doesn’t have to be very detail. But, that was totally wrong and drawing hair is getting more and more complicated for me. At least until I find the right technique to draw  realistic hair.

Hair can be the bane of any artist's existence, but with a few good techniques, drawing hair can be easy, fun, and relaxing. Drawing hair presents a challenge for most beginners in figure and portrait drawing. It can still remain a bugbear for quite experienced artists, who may go to all kinds of lengths to avoid having to draw it! It is a great pity to spend time
and effort drawing lifelike features only to be defeated by a mass of curls. This drawing lesson will help you learn how to draw hair that looks three-dimensional and shiny.
these are some tips and techniques I want to share with you:

1.prepare all materials needed.
2. Observe your photo reference.
3.Trt by lightly drawing the outline of one section of hair.

4. Continue adding darker values with hb
5. In darker part give 2b 6b

6. Blend to find it smooth

7. Repeat line and line
8. 4h for high light
9. Eraser pen to make light stroke
10. Protect your hand with paper as a barrier

Remember that when you draw hair, you are not drawing the hair itself, rather the shadows that define the hair.

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